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Tiptoeing into MacroEconomics

2020 August 20

So, there is nothing like a smackdown (a proper one at that, as there was no way for me to answer because I was clearly uninformed) to make me want to learn. I can defend my position with vigor (if I have the tools), but that has never stopped me from reevaluating my position if it needs to. And sometimes, you just need to get informed, before going back to establish your position.

So, off to wikipedia as a starting point to get illuminated. First, a surprise Milton Friedman theories are not part of Supply-side, although Supply-side economics were influenced by him, but is part of Monetarism.

Second, both Monetarism and Supply-side seem to be opposed to Demand-side whose major exponent is John Maynard Keynes.

The little I have read reaffirms my current position of Keynesiansm FTW. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t see some interesting points in other theories that need to be investigated further.

But I need to get my hands in a few books to inform myself better.

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